Meet our staff!

Dr. Pepper Dill

Senior Pastor
Pepper was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but grew up in states all over the South and Midwest. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Mississippi State University, his Master of Divinity from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. … view details
Office Phone: 325-752-6724


Jarryd Evans

Youth Pastor

Office Phone:(325) 752-6724

Duncan Welborn

Worship Leader

Office Phone: 985-438-9605 (cell)



Sarah Hager

Children’s Director

Office Phone: (325) 752-6724



Susan Carlton

Office Manager/Financial Secretary

My life began in New Jersey and my Faith journey began as a young teenager during a David Wilkerson event, The Cross and the Switchblade.
My work experience has given me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures within and outside the U.S. I moved to Houston July 2013 and then to Early when I married my husband, Charlie Carlton...view details

Office Phone: (325) 752-6724

Marsha Zabecki

Office Assistant
My life started out in Akron OH, and my journey has taken me all over the world, to places like Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Florida, England, Japan, Spain, and now Texas. The FBC family has been very warm and welcoming to me since . … view details
Office Phone: (325) 752-6724