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Youth Camp

June 14th-18th

HPU Youth Super Summer

June 24th-28th

Youth Passport Weekend

Seventh Grade Orientation

August 17th

See You at the Pole at 7:15am

Bangs Schools Flag Poles

Wednesday, Sept. 25th

Saw You at the Pole at 6:30pm

Wednesday, Sept. 25th

Student Ministry

Join us as we explore the Bible and make lasting friendships!

Sunday School at 9:30 am in the Youth Room

Youth Life Group, Sunday nights at 6:00 pm in the Youth Room

Youth Bible Study, Wednesday nights at 6:15-7:15 pm in the Youth Room, 6:00-6:15 pm will be Hang Out Time and Dance-Offs

Seth Pitman, Associate Pastor/Youth Minister
Phone: 325-998-3659

Click on the link below and see our Student Ministry T Shirt design. Taking orders now, $20/ea, profits go to fund camp and other youth activities. Thank you for your support!